It is true the one of the best things about textiles is the diversity in woven fabrics, from sheer gauze to heavy brocade, and as our deeply knowledgeable mill owner was telling us, that even when all things are equal—same warp, same weft, same input on the loom, the humidity and temperature in the room can alter the piece of cloth.  Nothing is ever the same twice.  

Heavyweight testing

Heavyweight testing

Right now we are working with our mill to develop wraps that perform with the traits we most value, a certain drape, a range of usable weights, moldablity, strength, and ease of use.  It is one of the most difficult parts of the business, but it can also be the most fun.  

Here is an example of my camera shy five-year-old catching a ride in a recent prototype, for example.  From here we will give feedback to the mill and make minor changes until we feel it is ready for critique from a larger audience.   I hope you enjoy some insight into the process!

xo, Erin