Procresco 100% cotton jacquard woven wrap

In November we sent out samples for critique to some well respected and experienced babywearers, we were so happy to have a wrap worthy of review and couldn't wait for their feedback.  We knew we liked it, that is why we released it into the wilds, but we needed to hear something more than our own excitement ringing in our ears.

For us Procresco embodies the spirit of Pavo, it is woven in a small improbable mill run by passionate owners who believe in superior quality, integrity and a fair wage above all else.  Procresco is made from materials sourced, spun, and woven in the United States, making it fiber forward and unique in the babywrap market. It is even finished close to the mill making its fiber-miles, as we call them, tiny in comparison to say textiles in the apparel industry which travel the globe in various stages of production.  In loom-state it is soft and supple in hand, with no goop or residue from production since slashing is not necessary with the type of fiber used and the attention given to the tension at the creel for the warp.  

I will let my better half, J$, talk to you about the design and the concept behind Procresco, she is the scholar, the writer, and the funny one to boot.  For now, the testers speak.

xo, Erin

Larissa's review

Gorgeous true black threads and silvery white ones make this wrap striking out of the box. The pattern has a lovely amount of grip without being overly so, due to the fiber choice and the distribution of the design against the background. In hand, the wrap is silky-fluffy soft; medium thickness, not at all overwhelming, with a lovely cush and drape that carry over to being worn.

My initial thought when wrapping my 4.5 month old was that it was unlike any other woven wrap I have tried. It bears similarities to wraps made by other manufacturers, of course, but it is uniquely itself--uniquely Pavo. It wraps lightly and yet maintained cush without being dense. It is supremely comfortable. It has just that touch of bounce that acts as a shock absorber while wearing, yet it did not sag. It is exquisitely beautiful and soft, well suited to beginners and experts alike. If this is but a preview of what Pavo has to offer, we in the baby wearing world are in for a marvelous treat!

We still aren't back wrapping much so I didn't get to really test it that way, unfortunately. She's currently 14-15 pound so not a really heavy subject, but I get the sense that it would be comfortable for me with a bigger kid. It fits my wrapping aesthetic nicely, though graphically it isn't a pattern I normally gravitate toward. The tactile quality of the threads and the density are just lovely. 

Jilliane's review

I want to start by saying I am so eternally grateful that you have given me this opportunity to see, touch, try and yes, fall in love with this beautiful piece of art. You told me earlier about the "Fiber Forward" aspect of this wrap and let me just tell you, it's amazing, the shine, it just glistens in any type of light and the contrast helps this. The softness of it is beyond wonderful for a brand new wrap, there is no break in process and if there is, it will be very minimum with these fibers. The thickness is dead, spot on, not overly thick where its un-managable and not super thin where it will not be a great wrap for all ages. The texture is also perfect, enough for it to grip and hold your carries.

Let me tell you about what and how we have worn this beauty so far.  A quick trip up to cuddle in a Ruck TT. It felt soft and wrapped great for that short amount of time. Let's move forward to Saturday one of our crazy days, we went to a craft show at a local high school and walked around for about two hours where E rested nicely and also fell asleep in a Double Hammock. The wrapping qualities of this fits great with its look. It has the perfect amount of stretch to it but no sagging. It is thick and dense which makes it great for carrying a toddler (E is three-years-old and around 35 pounds) and yes he did feel weightless in the two hours that he was up there. The cush of it felt amazing on my shoulders and there was no digging either.

After the craft show we went for a walk through the park to enjoy some of the fall's sights, sounds, and smells.  Again, we were there for about two-and-a-half hours with E up most of the time for our walk, then a quick stop at the play ground until E fell in the mud and we had to call it a day. This time I did a Back Wrap Cross Carry with Ruck straps. No digging, no sagging, no re-adjusting needed, it was secure and very comfortable. I am very pleased with this wrap and yes if given the chance I would certainly purchase it for either E or an upcoming squishy. 

Jilliane, VBE