San Diego stripes

We are happy to finally have our summery stripes ready to go!  We named them San Diego as a nod to our West Coast roots and for the wonderful mamas in the San Diego area babywearing community. 

You will find Form by Pavo very different for our original Guild line, we use short staple cotton that is more affordable and as a result the hand is much drier and has an earthy organic feeling.  We are loving these wraps on the beach, at the park, and just out and about. You can leave one in the car, keep one in the diaper bag, and lend them to your friends! 

What people are saying about San Diego


. . . I was pleasantly surprised by this medium weight wrap. In hand it is like your favorite tshirt—the cotton welcomes a floppy, casual, and cuddly alternative post wash.
The casual nature of the Form line will prove to be a stash staple. Whether it be daily errands, a day at the beach, or a trip to the park, you will need one of these beauties by your side!
Stripes will be fabulous everyday beach, backyard, bumming around, toss in your day bag, workhorse wraps.
This wrap is a great deal more casual than the Pavo Guild wraps, in both look and fiber, and won’t fulfill the lust for the luxury of Guild, if that’s what you’re after. They’re really two different animals but both nice in their own ways. The cotton is unmercerized which add to the casual look and more flannely feel. I bet these wraps will get snuggly soft over time!
Christina stripes - 24.jpg
Form stripes twin - 34.jpg