Do you remember when you joined TBW? I do. I had been wearing my babies for a couple of years and had no idea that anyone else did something so incredibly "crazy." I had recently joined BBC (may I admit that?) and was delighted to find a whole board dedicated to various types of babywearing. It was there that I learned about 

I headed on over and was intimidated at first. There were so many women there with vast amounts of knowledge. It was inspiring and amazing and I felt like I had finally found my tribe. I learned so much by cruising the forums and along the way, I made some amazing and wonderful friends. 

Until—gradually, then suddenly—babywearing moved to Facebook. And while that was great because it meant that babywearing could reach a wider audience, it also meant that all that knowledge that was there, hiding in the divided groups like a delicious secret treasure, was left unfound and lost to a new generation of baby wearers. 

Now TBW is back and better than ever. We are both so excited to see the new and improved TBW and are humbled and grateful to have had a small part in its relaunch. 

Cheers, TBW. 

Unicornio Pavo Real

Unicornio Pavo Real

Please consider playing a part in keeping alive by bidding generously on the wonderful Unicornio Pavo Real on TBW's fundraiser page.  All proceeds from the auctions go directly to TBW.   Good luck and happy wrapping!