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We are finalizing up our plans for our holiday party in Essex. Can you believe that it is only three weeks away? I most certainly cannot. I am sure you all would like the details, so we've provided some answers to frequently asked questions below. We are all looking forward to seeing familiar faces and are hoping to see many new ones as well. 

When and where is the Pavo Presents Essex Holiday Party? 

Saturday 5 December 2015 

12:00-3:00 pm

C.K Pearl

112 Main Street 

Essex, MA 01929

We will also be hosting an open house at the Toy Store on Sunday 6 December 2015 from Noon to 3:00 pm! 

Where and when will tickets be available?

Tickets will be listed on Thursday 12 November at 16:00 EST from our website.  

Are tickets transferable? 

No. Please email to cancel your ticket if you cannot attend the event. 

Will names be printed on the tickets and cross checked with I.D. for entry?

Everyone is checked against our master list at the entrance to the venue. Those not on the list will not be admitted. We might have tickets available at the door, but they are not guaranteed. We will let everyone know ahead of time if tickets will be available at the door for the holiday party. 

What time will the event open?

12 o'clock for VIPavotees, 

1 o'clock for General Admission 

The holiday party will end at 3:00 pm.

Will there be an after party/evening of celebration?

If Pavotees would like to have an after party / evening of celebration, they are welcome to do so! Unfortunately, we are obligated to close out the event, take care of inventory, accounting, and other routine chores. This is something we absolutely must do. We may be able to catch up with you later, so let us know where you are!

Please join us for our open house at the Toy Store the following day from noon until 3 o'clock at 166 Main Street in Essex. 

Will I need to stalk for tickets? Will they sell out? 

We have made enough tickets available to accommodate your travel plans and last minute purchases. 

Will I need a ticket to come to the open house? 

You do not need an ticket to come to the open house. 

What is the exclusive for the holiday party? 

Venus (100% cotton) will be making her debut at the holiday party. We also have Frost Candy Cane as a VIPavotee option if you prefer.  

What other wraps will be available for purchase at the event? 

We will have a woolie or two, Unicornio, a ring system in a new colorway and a few other lovelies, and a much anticipated surprise! 

I am flying into town for the Holiday Party. Are there any local accommodations you can recommend? 

Essex is a lovely, small town and we hope you love it as much as we do. Please find a list below of accommodations in Essex or in neighboring towns. Please note that the list below is not exhaustive by any means. 

George B. Fuller Bed & Breakfast (within walking distance of C.K Pearl and the Toy Store) 

The Harborview Inn (Located in Gloucester. 5 miles from Essex)

The Inn at Castle Hill (Located in Ipswich at Crane’s Beach. 5 miles from Essex)

Is the space baby proofed/ mobile baby safe?

No. Please be aware of your children and keep a close eye on them at all times as you would do in any public space. 

Should we bring snacks?  

The event will be catered the lovely chef and staff of C.K. Pearl. Please note that neither the food nor the space are allergen-free. 

We kindly request that you do not bring food or drink into the Toy Store. 

Does your wrappee have to be worn or can they come on the loose?

The ticket price allows entry for the purchaser of the ticket and one wrappee, three years old and younger. You can either wear your wrappee or your child can be mobile. Please be aware of your child's location at all times. C.K Pearl is not child proofed and cannot be fully childproofed in any reasonable manner. 

Any child over three years of age will need a general admissions ticket for the trunk show. 

May I purchase more than one VIP ticket if stalking for myself and a friend?

If you are stalking for a friend, you will need to put your friend's name on the ticket during checkout. 

May I come and go? So if you bought VIP can you come at opening then leave then come back in again?

Yes! You are welcome to come and go as you please. We might ask for your name again if you are coming back into the event. 

Venus Aspect, for our VIPavotees

Venus Aspect, for our VIPavotees

Etini Cobalt

Etini Cobalt

Frost Candy Cane, VIPavotee option

Frost Candy Cane, VIPavotee option