Confetti happened to be one of those designs which I completely overlooked in the early planning stages. I saw early samples and loved them and then promptly forgot about it. 

Months later while doing weekly accounting, I noted that weave orders had gone in, duly noted in the books, and then once again, forgot about it. Why? I have no idea. 

Confetti Seaglass and Confetti Peony made their debut at the New York Baby Show in May 2015 and it was love for the soft happy palette and classic polka-dot motif.  The design is playful and cheerful and absolute perfection. The wrapping qualities are unique among Guild; it seems like a lighter version of Parterre, but not quite. 

Confetti found a firm place in my heart later than month when we traveled to Puerto Rico to do an extensive photo shoot. We shot many, many wraps with our fabulous models and amazing photographers, but Confetti Noir really stole the show for me. It was perfect in every way and looked stunning on everyone. Wrapped up in Confetti Noir are all my memories of our trip to Puerto Rico: the planning and organizing that went into each photo shoot every day, everyone sitting down to dinner each night, the laughing and late night conversations in the kitchen eating leftovers, listening to all the little ones waking up early in the morning. This wrap encompasses all those memories and feelings for me. 

Confetti was meant to be a spring and summer wrap: Sea Glass, Peony, Sunshine, and Peridot all evoke images of warm days, blue skies, and ocean breezes and while we loved Confetti Noir, it never quite fit into that vision—it is edgier than summer, moodier. Yet people have asked us repeatedly to weave Confetti Noir and after so many months of the same request, it is hard to come up with a good reason not to weave it. So it is with great excited that we are opening a Pavo Customer Appreciation exclusive for Confetti Noir here. 

Ring Slings and sizes 2-9 will be available. The expected ship date for this exclusive will be in June 2016. We will be closing this exclusive on 16 Feb 2016. 

We hope you love Confetti Noir and that it finds a special place in your stash. 


J$ & Erinea