Our Apologies

 We know that you have been frustrated with the lack of response in regards to our stance on cultural appropriation and we regret not engaging in the discussion in a meaningful way. The discussions surrounding cultural appropriation and our own level of knowledge concerning cultural appropriation has increased substantially due to necessary, but difficult discussions. We initially designed Otomi, De La Sol and Unicornio based on what we thought at the time was appreciation. We realize now that we were wrong and that these designs are appropriation and that people were and are hurt by our decision to run these designs. We are sorry we culturally appropriated a design to which we had no right and we truly appreciate the time that people have taken to talk to us about this issue. The decision to discontinue those designs was made prior to our realization that these designs are appropriation, but we do take full responsibility for our actions. We have decided that we will also be discontinuing Hanakotoba and Harmony as well since these are designs to which we also have no right. We have let people down and we also understand that we have lost your trust and we will strive to do better. Our deepest apologies.