What is Pavo Post?

Summer at Pavo HQ has been wonderfully productive and we are very excited to introduce you to our newest program, Pavo Post.

Have you always been interested in trying a Pavo, but weren’t quite sure where to start?  Did you just hear about Pavo and are eager to try wrapping with one of our wraps?  Already own a Pavo, but have always wanted to try something with different wrapping qualities?  Then Pavo Post is for you!

Pavo Post is a program where we will be randomly surprising people with wraps to try*, based on their personal preferences.  Having experience with Pavo Textiles is not a requirement to be considered for Pavo Post; Pavo Post is open to everyone.  To apply for Pavo Post, all you need to do is submit the Pavo Post Request Form.

*Wraps have a trial period of 30 days.