Celebration: Etini Amethyst

Etini is Pavo. Pavo is Etini. They're like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. They just go together and they go together so well. I can write quite a bit about Etini (I'm looking at you Etini Acanthus). I really do think it is my favorite Guild or at least Etini is the one Guild that still has a permanent home in my personal collection. 

For the the past couple years, perhaps even a bit longer, we've had heard requests for a rich, deep purple Etini. Something lovely to pair with Etini Cobalt, or Etini Poinsettia, or Etini Coal. Those who love their Etinis told us they really, really, really wanted a true purple Etini. Something that would remind you of both the first purple crocuses that signal the arrival of Spring and the vibrant gloamings that come with the arrival of Autumn. There was Etini Heather and  it was lovely, for sure, but something amethyst would surely round out the Etini rainbow. There was a Farrand Amethyst, so why not an Etini Amethyst?  Honestly, I don't have an adequate answer to that question. As I often like to joke,  I just started working here yesterday. 

But, you know, Erin has this way of working her magic and really, I can mention something in passing and then like 14 months later, there's a sample waiting on my doorstep and I'm like, wait a minute. What the heck just happened? (still waiting on my maggot wrap though) A better example of this would be this past summer. Chemotherapy does really weird things to your taste buds and salivary glands. Sometimes food loses all flavor, or you can only taste salty things or taste things that are tangy or sour. I had little appetite this past summer, but let me tell you, I found some old school Now & Laters at the Richdale (the lovely gas station a short walk away from the store) and they were like manna sent from heaven. They were tangy, a bit sour and I could taste them. But I felt a bit silly, because you when become an adult, you're not supposed to be wolfing down children's candy at such an alarming rate. So I kept my obsession to myself, or so I thought until one day I went to the Richdale and my Now & Laters were gone. Just gone. No box. Nothing. I was devastated. I headed into work. Shuffled over to my desk and sat down. Erin looked at me cooly and asked what was wrong. I told her nothing and went about my work, but when I went to open my desk drawer for a pen, I was surprised to find my entire desk drawer filled with Now & Laters <3

Digressions aside, imagine my surprise when a saw a JPG file sync to our shared Pavo folder called " Etini Amethyst," and so I texted Erin asking her what was up with the Etini Amethyst. She responded that it was a just a small pet project on which she had been casually working. Nothing important. Just a little side job. Something fun with which to celebrate our anniversary.  

Our anniversary exclusive, Etini Amethyst, will be available on our website until 8:00 am on April 14th, 2017. Please allow six to eight  weeks lead time from when the exclusive closes until shipment. 

Happy Anniversary, Pavotees!