Four and Twenty Black Birds

Of course we aren't suggesting that our Love Birds be baked into a pie and to be honest, I had planned this blog post to go in a completely different direction, but we all know what happens to best laid plans. Nonetheless, I decided to keep the title because well, I love it, but moving on to Love Birds Noir...

Love Birds Noir is the latest addition to our Aviary collection. It is no secret that I have a deep and abiding fondness for Love Birds. I know that not everyone cares for the birds and that's perfectly fine,  but there's something about them that I adore and Love Birds Noir calls to me. I'm hesitant to assign a time period to wrap. It's silly and doesn't serve any real purpose, but LB Noir, at least for me, encompasses all the good (and horrible!) images we associate with the late 70s and early 80s. This is most likely because my sister and I had been texting photos taken of our Dad in the late 70s and early 80s to each other at around the same time Love BIrds  Noir was moving through the queue. So when I see LB Noir, I see the twirly disco dresses both my mom and stepmom used to wear and that I loved as a child because I realized I wouldn't have to give up twirly dresses when I grew up; it reminds me of the smoky topaz necklace my mom wore and that I liked to play with as I sat on her lap; it reminds me of the super short shorts and calf-length socks my Dad, and most Dads at the time, seemed to wear for their weekend uniform. Perhaps it is that LB Noir reminds me more of my family at a set moment in time more than anything and yes, it's just a wrap, but I enjoy finding those memories in my wraps. 

Woven with an extra long staple Egyptian cotton warp and our noir cotton fill, Love Birds is a thick, smooshy, and squishy wrap. The woven contour binding in the wrap provides texture and grip while the negative space of the birds counters that texture with soapiness and glide. It's really quite a delightful combination.  Love Birds Noir offers wonderful stretch without any sagginess. They offer cush, support and they pleat practically of their own accord. Sure, it's a thicker wrap, but don't let that deter you from a truly delightful wrap experience. 

Love Birds Noir is now available online!