Sparkleberry Celebration

The release of Sparkleberry marks the anniversary of one of the first wraps we considered a possibility among our many trials and errors, Garden Nuptial. It was thick, luxurious, and cozy, but ultimately prohibitively expensive and too much of a departure from the norm for a debut release (of course, we choose to launch with something even weirder—Parterre, but anyway) . . .  

Jennifer has been using our Garden Nuptial sample almost everyday for a year, she even brought it with her on our retreat last month to snuggle with in front of the fire and it has softened to the most irresistible  piece of cloth imaginable.  It is still thick of course, but it is no longer so heavy and unwieldily. It is cushy, supportive, unique, and has maintained its sheen through a year of washing, wearing, and unnecessary roughness.

Based on several other reviews of Garden Nuptial we decided we should offer a very small selection of similarly constructed wraps under Pavo Guild.  Sparkleberry will only appeal to a limited number of babywearers and the price is still high, requiring us to limit the run accordingly. 

We will follow the release with a draw for a full set of Sparkleberries on our Facebook page in order to continue the fun!

As always with Guild, these wraps would not be possible without the genius of Bethanne Knudson and the entire crew at The Oriole Mill and Sew Co.  Our unending thanks!  


Zebra 100% cotton

Zebra may not just be my favorite Pavo wrap, it may be my favorite wrap ever. It starts off smooth, soft, and slinky, and washes up to reveal texture and full body.  Zebra is 100% cotton (long staple Egyptian and American), mercerized for strength and sheen, and was woven in just three colourways for us: Magenta, Chocolate, and Granite.  Zebra has a silvery frosty appearance, like the grass at dawn or a sage leaf, because of the way the warp subdues the fill.  

Zebra is soft enough for newborns, both newborn babies and a newborn wrappers.

The pattern is a classic and ubiquitous zebra skin in a small repeat and we have included a subtle teaching rail to aid you in any new wrapping territory you may be experimenting with.  

We are thrilled to be able to offer you Zebra in Magenta and Chocolate and hope you appreciate it as much as we do!  We are developing two other animal skins, but Zebra in Magenta and Chocolate remain just a sample run while we hear your feedback.  


Penumbra Syzygy

A penumbra is a partial shadow. During an eclipse, the penumbra is the area between full shadow and full illumination. It is the in-between area where light and dark meet and shadows come out to play. The whimsical looping of black and white in Penumbra Shadow reminds us that nothing can ever truly be seen in black and white; there is always a little grey area in between.

Penumbra was born from one of Pavo Textile's first samples, Procresco.  Developed by our artisan mill, it is a playful energetic design woven from all local materials. It is considered fiber forward, a designation reserved for textiles sourced, woven, and finished in the United States.

After Shadow and Lunar we are channeling the '80s again with Penumbra and a hot pink fill we call Syzygy, we think it is really fun and happy.  Bright lights big city and all that (actually, that was really depressing). Everything aligned and Syzygy was born. 100% cotton 280g/m2.