Love Birds Lavender

There are birds which migrate and then, there are birds which do not migrate. Of course, this makes perfect sense, but in the world that I had created in my mind, and which is quite often wrong, all birds migrate. This just seems how Nature should work. 

You can imagine my surprise last winter, as I jogged along the causeway in Essex, to spy a flock of random geese foraging in the long dead and brittle grasses of the salt marsh. That winter had been unusually warm, so I suppose the geese had yet to feel any compulsion to leave, but it struck me as peculiar. Everything else in the marsh had prepared for winter: the grasses had died, the mosquitos and green heads had long since vanished, the fragrant sea roses of the summer had pulled down into the ground preparing for the winter cold and yet, there were these geese murmuring softly through the waters, completely oblivious to the fact that it was winter. I had one of those rare moments of quiet. No children knocking on the bathroom door, no little voices asking why I was taking so long, nobody declaring they hated the dinner I had made and could they have yogurt instead, not that I have anything against yogurt, but I am baffled as to how a 5 year old manages to thrive on yogurt, toast and oatmeal.  Nobody tugging at the sleeve of my shirt. No spilled milk to mop up. Just perfect stillness. 

I later asked Erin about the geese and she casually mentioned that they were Canada geese and that they had migrated to the marsh at some point and well, just decided to make their home there. I asked if they ever migrated and she thought about it for a bit and then told me that they had just appeared one day and then never left. 

I realize that Canada Geese are typically considered a pest; they can be loud, aggressive and territorial. The Canada Geese near my home in California will attack you if they smell even the slightest hint of food on you, but I have a soft spot in my heart for birds, particularly those birds who are considered lowly and mundane (I’m looking at you, pigeons. Seriously. Pigeons: The Fascinating Saga of the World’s Most Revered and Reviled Bird is a must read). To be fair, the geese don’t pose as much as a problem in Essex. They stick to the marsh and leave the humans alone and the humans leave them to their own devices. I know that not everyone cares for Canada Geese and rightly so, but I admired their quiet determination in the salt marsh. 

It was that very winter that Erin and I decided to re-imagine our Love Birds in a warm, cuddly alpaca. I would like to say that the idea was entirely our own, but we really must give some credit to those geese. Not everyone loves Love Birds, but they are special to us and in many ways are our namesake wrap. It is the one wrap that truly combines the best of Oriole and Pavo and because of that, Love Birds is dear to us. Love Birds Lavender is woven with our signature ivory, extra long staple Egyptian cotton warp with a rich, lavender alpaca fill. The lavender isn't just any old, boring lavender: it's a beautiful blending of magenta, sky blue and warm lavender alpaca threads. It gives our Love Birds Lavender a unique richness and luster  Our alpaca is exceptionally fine, soft, cuddly, and has a natural sheen to it. It is quite warm, yet lightweight and its hypoallergenic properties make it a good choice for those who have wool allergies. 


Alpaca has a reputation as being a more time intensive fiber in regards to care. I suppose that’s true to a certain extent and care can look daunting at first, but all our alpaca needs is a a gentle swish in the bathtub or sink with a bit of your favorite woolie wash. Rinse until there are no more bubbles and gently roll up your alpaca to remove excess water. After doing this, I prefer to lay out a large beach towel and lay my wet wrap on that and roll up the towel with the wrap inside to soak up as much water as possible. I then hang to air dry, making sure the wrap is supported throughout its length. You will find that after a bath, our alpaca fluffs up and becomes quite soft. 


66% Egyptian Cotton 

34% Fine Alpaca

Wrapping Qualities

Love Birds Lavender has a gorgeous, thick fluid drape in hand. It provides a soft cushiness on the shoulders while providing solid support for those wrapping toddlers. Although Love Birds Lavender is an alpaca blend, it still provides good stretch and rebound, much like our cotton Love Birds. It will most certainly keep you and your little one warm while trekking out on snow days or in gloomy winter weather.


Monday, December 12th at 17:00 EST 

Have a Golden Ticket you would like to use? Fill out the Golden Ticket Request Form here. 


Size 2: 400 

Size 3: 420

Size 4: 440

Size 5: 460

Size 6: 480

Size 7: 520

Size 8: 550

Size 9: 570

My thanks to Tracy and Brianna who offered us their insight into Love Birds Lavender and to Dana and Natasha who offered editorial input. You ladies are the best!  

I know a lot of people don't care for the birds. We've been told their eyes are creepy. Their feet too sharp. Their beaks poised to bite someone's finger off. I still love them. Lets be real. Birds can be assholes sometimes. Ever tried eating food at the beach? I rest my case. But a considerable amount of time was spent reconfiguring the eye, the beak and the feet. I feel we have a softer, more contemplative Love Bird, which seems fitting for this time of year.  I know we might not always acknowledge it when you make suggestions, but we really do listen to you! 

I know a lot of people don't care for the birds. We've been told their eyes are creepy. Their feet too sharp. Their beaks poised to bite someone's finger off. I still love them. Lets be real. Birds can be assholes sometimes. Ever tried eating food at the beach? I rest my case. But a considerable amount of time was spent reconfiguring the eye, the beak and the feet. I feel we have a softer, more contemplative Love Bird, which seems fitting for this time of year.  I know we might not always acknowledge it when you make suggestions, but we really do listen to you! 

                  Just look at that gorgeous melange of magenta, sky blue and lavender alpaca threads!

                  Just look at that gorgeous melange of magenta, sky blue and lavender alpaca threads!


Confetti happened to be one of those designs which I completely overlooked in the early planning stages. I saw early samples and loved them and then promptly forgot about it. 

Months later while doing weekly accounting, I noted that weave orders had gone in, duly noted in the books, and then once again, forgot about it. Why? I have no idea. 

Confetti Seaglass and Confetti Peony made their debut at the New York Baby Show in May 2015 and it was love for the soft happy palette and classic polka-dot motif.  The design is playful and cheerful and absolute perfection. The wrapping qualities are unique among Guild; it seems like a lighter version of Parterre, but not quite. 

Confetti found a firm place in my heart later than month when we traveled to Puerto Rico to do an extensive photo shoot. We shot many, many wraps with our fabulous models and amazing photographers, but Confetti Noir really stole the show for me. It was perfect in every way and looked stunning on everyone. Wrapped up in Confetti Noir are all my memories of our trip to Puerto Rico: the planning and organizing that went into each photo shoot every day, everyone sitting down to dinner each night, the laughing and late night conversations in the kitchen eating leftovers, listening to all the little ones waking up early in the morning. This wrap encompasses all those memories and feelings for me. 

Confetti was meant to be a spring and summer wrap: Sea Glass, Peony, Sunshine, and Peridot all evoke images of warm days, blue skies, and ocean breezes and while we loved Confetti Noir, it never quite fit into that vision—it is edgier than summer, moodier. Yet people have asked us repeatedly to weave Confetti Noir and after so many months of the same request, it is hard to come up with a good reason not to weave it. So it is with great excited that we are opening a Pavo Customer Appreciation exclusive for Confetti Noir here. 

Ring Slings and sizes 2-9 will be available. The expected ship date for this exclusive will be in June 2016. We will be closing this exclusive on 16 Feb 2016. 

We hope you love Confetti Noir and that it finds a special place in your stash. 


J$ & Erinea

The Sunshine State

Erin and I are both so excited that our first trunk show of the year will be in Florida! What could be better than the warm sun, sand between our toes and meeting our lovely, Florida Pavotees? We know everyone has questions, so here we go!

When and where will the Florida trunk show be held?

Don CeSar 3400 Gulf Blvd St. Petersburg Beach, Florida 

20 February 2016

2 to 5:00 o'clock

VIP entry will be at 2:00

General Admission will be at 3:00



Confetti Sunshine State, Pavo Presents Florida VIPavotee wrap  

Confetti Sunshine State, Pavo Presents Florida VIPavotee wrap 

Guild offerings, Pavo Presents Florida

Guild offerings, Pavo Presents Florida

When and where will tickets be available? 

Tickets will be listed on January 22 at noon EST from our website.  

Will tickets be transferable? 

No. Please email us to cancel your ticket if you cannot attend the event. 

May I purchase more than one VIP ticket if stalking for myself and a friend?

If you are stalking for a friend, you will need to put your friend's name and email address on the ticket during checkout. 

I need to cancel my ticket at the last minute. What do I do?

Please email us at so that we may refund your ticket. 

Will names be printed on the tickets and cross checked with I.D. for entry?

It's all in the details, Pavo Presents Florida

It's all in the details, Pavo Presents Florida

Everyone is checked against our master list at the entrance to the venue. Those not on the list will not be admitted. We might have tickets available for purchase at the door, but they are not guaranteed. We will let everyone know ahead of time if tickets will be available at the door.

What time will the event start? 

For those with VIP tickets, the event will open at 2:00 o'clock

For those with General Admission tickets, the event will open at 3:00 o'clock

Will there be an after party/evening of celebration?

If Pavotees would like to have an after party / evening of celebration, they are welcome to do so! Unfortunately, we may be unable to attend as we are obligated to close out the event, take care of inventory, accounting and other routine chores, but we do our best to make time for our Pavotees after the event. 

Will I need to stalk for tickets? Will they sell out? 

Unfortunately, we do not know the answer to this question. Our tickets for Pavo Presents Texas did not sell out, but our tickets for Pavo Presents Seattle sold out quite quickly, which was quite unexpected. 

What will be the exclusive VIP wrap for the Pavo Presents Florida? 

We thought it fitting that the Confetti Sunshine be the VIP wrap for the Sunshine state. 

What other wraps will be available? 

We will see the return of classic Form in beachy colorways for Florida as well as some lovely Guilds. 


Is the space baby proofed/ mobile baby safe?

No. Please be aware of your children and keep a close eye on them at all times as you would do in any public space.  Please note that the trunk show will be held within walking distance of the beach. 

Should we bring snacks?  

The event will be catered by the lovely staff at the Don CeSar.  Please note that neither the food nor the space are allergen-free. 

Does your wrappee have to be worn or can they come on the loose?

The ticket price allows entry for the purchaser of the ticket and one wrappee, three years old and younger. You can either wear your wrappee or your child may be mobile. Please be aware of your child's location at all times. The venue at the Don CeSar is not child proofed and cannot be fully childproofed in any reasonable manner.  There are bodies of water in close proximity to the venue.

Any child over three years of age will need a general admissions ticket for the trunk show. 

I would like to bring my husband, wife, grandmother, aunt, friend. Will they need a ticket? 

Yes. Any additional guests you bring will need their own ticket. 

I bought a VIP ticket and I bought my husband a General Admission ticket. How will that work? 

If you bought a VIP ticket, you will enter the event at 2:00. If you brought a guest who has a General Admission ticket, she will enter the event at 3:00. 

Will I have to pay sales tax?  

Yes. We are required to charge sales tax on all purchases made at Pavo Presents Florida. Florida sales tax is 6%. 

I am flying from out of state to attend the trunk show. I’m worried that tickets will sell out. What do I do? 

If you are flying in from out of state and tickets are sold out, please contact us at so that we can help you out. 

I’m nervous about attending the trunk show. What can I expect? 

Historically, trunk shows have been small intimate events that allow a designer to meet and talk with their customers. Our last trunk show was a bit larger, but Erin and I work very hard to make sure that they still retain the intimate feel. There will be food and drink, mingling, most likely waiting in line to purchase wraps (we implemented a new system at the holiday party such that people would not have to wait in line, but would still have the opportunity to buy the wraps they wanted, but found people still wanted to wait in line which was quite social all the same), a lovely beach view and many fellow Pavotees who can geek out with you about babywearing and Pavo. We look forward to meeting everyone! 













Pavo 'Scrip

There is a lot of hustle and bustle at the Toy Store as we head into autumn and say goodbye to perhaps one of the most beautiful summers ever. The #summerof[spending]money has come to an end and we are both settling back into work on our respective coasts. So what do we have in plan for the rest of the 2015? 

We’re headed out to San Antonio, Austin and Seattle for the start of an amazing trunk show tour, Pavo Presents, which gives us the opportunity to hang out with our amazing fans. 

We have our annual fall trip to the Oriole Mill coming up next week. 

We will be shipping out the second TPS exclusive, Penumbra Veronica, by the end of the month.

We are in the planning stages for our first Pavo Holiday Party at the Toy Store. 

We are burning the midnight oil planning for the New York Baby Show and the International Babywearing Conference 2016.

We finalized dates for another #summerofmoney in 2016.

And of course, the reason for this post:  The debut of the Pavo Guild Subscription Box, which we have affectionately dubbed Pavo 'Scrip in house. 

What exactly is the Pavo Guild Subscription Box and why exactly are we doing it?

A number of people have asked if we could do some sort of subscription service; we tabled the idea right from the start. Too much work and too many unknowns. Which wraps would we offer? How would logistics work? Would people even be interested? But we kept being asked about the possibility of a Pavo Subscription Service  and while we were hesitant, the idea came up again during one of our work lunches this summer and the question was asked, well why not? Why not work out the details? Why not make a plan? Why not work out logistics? If we couldn’t make it work, well then, at least we could say that we tried. And well there you go, we figured out how to make it work, so we are quite pleased to be offering a Pavo Guild Subscription Box. 

So on to the all details.

What wraps will be included in the Autumn 2015 subscription service? 

Otomí Veronica*

Middle Chair Noir 

Etini Persimmon 

These wraps will be exclusive to the Pavo Guild Subscription and will not listed online independently of the 'Script. 

How do you become a subscriber? 

Pavo Guild Subscription will be available on October 1, 2015 at 14:00 EDT. 

We will have a limited number of subscriptions available. We would love to be able to offer an unlimited number of subscriptions, but we need to be practical and take into account the time needed for weaving and finishing. We want to be able to insure that each subscriber's wraps will be filled and shipped on the designated date  

Subscriptions will be available in three month commitments and payment will be made in full when committing to the initial  purchase of the three month Pavo Guild Subscription.

Subscriptions will be based on size and priced accordingly:

Size 3: $630

Size 4: $680

Size 5: $760

Size 6: $820

Size 7: $890

Please note that the prices stated above are subject to change and do not include relevant state tax, customs fees and associated shipping and handling costs.

Wraps will ship on the following dates:

Otomí Veronica: 1 October 2015 

Middle Chair Noir: 5 November 2015

Etini Persimmon: 3 December 2015

We are currently working on the 'Scrip box for Winter 2016 and details will be available in the late December 2015. 

What would you like to see in forthcoming Pavo Guild 'Scrip box?




*Our usual full proceed donation will be sent to IDEX on receipts based on Otomí Veronica