Canoodling with the California Collection: Acanthus Veronica

I find myself missing the days of receiving a new wrap and going through the ritual of taking it out of its packaging, noting the feel in hand, doing a quick wrap job (the horror!) and then tossing it in the washing machine, ironing it just so (yes—I love ironing) and then putting it through its paces. 

But as I sit here with the samples from our California collection, I feel the old pull of my routine calling to me. So here we go: Notes from an Aged Wrapper. 

Design Name: Acanthus

Colorway: Veronica

Fiber: 100% Extra Long Staple Egyptian cotton

Weight: 320 G/M^2. This wrap is densely woven and thick with Bethanne Knudson's (of the Oriole Mill) unique contour binding. There is a cushiness on the shoulders that feels quite lovely; wrapping my five year old and carrying him for any length of time is a workout, but Acanthus Veronica made my shoulders and lower back incredibly happy! 

Similar hand feel brand new: Sparkleberry, Trillium, Parterre. 

Similar hand feel after wash: Mostly Sparkleberry to me. 

Fiber Memory: Excellent stretch along the bias, lending to a definite feel of modabililty when pulling a chest pass tight. 

Drape: Medium. This is a thicker wrap. I suspect the more it breaks in, the softer it will become. Acanthus Veronica is not a hard wrap to break in, but it requires a bit of patience. 

Touch: Acanthus Veronica is smooth on the warp dominant side and is more textured on the fill side, offering different wrapping experiences. 

Now to try and convince my five year old to go up again! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Berkeley this weekend :)


Pavo Presents FAQ

What is Pavo Presents? 

Pavo Presents is a series of trunk shows where Pavo travels to cities across the United States to meet with Pavotees. 

What exactly is a Pavo Trunk Show? 

A trunk show is a small intimate event designed to share special offerings with our customers. It is a chance for the Pavotees and the Pavo Team to meet and be merry. There will be wraps, accessories, accoutrements and other goodies that will only be available at that specific trunk show. 

How do I find about Pavo Presents? 

Head on over to Pavo Presents.

We have the dates and locations of our upcoming trunk shows on the above events page. In addition, we do try to send out emails informing our customers of upcoming trunk shows in their state, we post updates on the Pavo Textiles Facebook page, and we post information about upcoming trunk shows here, on our blog. 

You can also join Pavo Customer Appreciation and The Pavo Society for more details. 

Do I need a ticket or reservation to attend Pavo Presents? 

Yes! We have two types of tickets available: 

VIP Tickets
General Admission tickets.

What are VIP and GA tickets and do I need to buy one to attend? 

You must buy a ticket to attend. We need to have an accurate number of who will be attending the trunk show so we can plan accordingly. 

VIP tickets are limited in quantity and allow the purchaser early entry into the trunk show. The VIP ticket also includes a special VIP wrap and a VIP Schwag bag, which includes Pavo goodies and treats. 

General Admission tickets allow the purchaser access to the trunk show at the designated time.

All ticket holders are entered into a drawing for a select wrap and accoutrements give away. 

How do I buy tickets? 

Tickets will go on sale at a predesignated time on a predesignated date from

How much will tickets cost? 

VIP tickets will range in price from $240-$380. You will buy your VIP ticket according to which size wrap you would like and which trunk show you plan to attend. Please choose carefully. 

General Admission tickets will generally cost $40, but could cost up to $80. We will work hard to keep general admission tickets at $40. 

Do I need to stalk for a ticket? 

Honestly, we just don't know. Some cities sell out and others do not. We really do not have a good way of telling which cities will sell out and which will not. 

Does each trunk show have an exclusive wrap? 

Yes! VIPavotee tickets for each trunk show will come with a VIP wrap that is only available to those who buy the VIPavotee ticket. At each trunk show, we will have a carefully curated collection of wraps that will be available to trunk show attendees

I would like to bring my husband, partner, mother, sister, child. Do I need to a ticket for them? 

One ticket is good for one adult and one wrapee, three years of age or younger. You will need to buy an additional ticket for anyone else who plans to attend with you. We must do this to ensure that we are in compliance with fire code and occupancy limits. 

I want to buy a VIP ticket, but I will not be attending the trunk show. Can you ship the VIP wrap to me?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate this request. The VIP tickets and trunk show wraps are intended for the trunk show attendees.  

I am worried I will not be able to get a ticket and am having a friend stalk for me. What happens if we both buy a ticket? 

The extra tickets will be refunded upon request and relisted so that others may attend. 

I will not be online to buy my ticket and I am having a friend stalk for me. Will she able to transfer the ticket to me? 

Technically, tickets are not transferable; however, if you are having a friend stalk for you, please have her input your name when checking out. 

I am buying a General Admission ticket. Will I be able to buy the VIP wrap? 

No. The VIP wraps will only be available to those who buy VIP tickets. Don’t worry though! We will have a specially curated collection of wraps available for those who attend the trunk shows. 

What form of payment will Pavo take at the trunk show? 

Credit card and cash. No personal checks, please. 

Will the amount of wraps people buy be limited?

No. The number of wraps a person purchases will not be limited. 

I have a General Admission ticket and am worried that no wraps will be available for purchase since VIPs will have early entry. 

There will be wraps available to purchase for those with General Admission tickets. 

I am buying a VIP ticket, but will be bringing my partner, husband, mother, brother, etc? Do they need a VIP ticket too? 

They will need a VIP ticket in order to enter the event at the same time as you. You could buy them a General Admission ticket, but they will enter one hour after you.

I am buying a ticket for your trunk show in City A, but will not be able to attend. Can I use my ticket to attend your trunk show in City B? 

Unfortunately, tickets are not transferable between trunk shows or people. If you cannot attend the trunk show for which you have a ticket, please email us at so that we may refund your ticket and make it available to another Pavotee.  

I bought a ticket and am now unable to go. May I transfer the ticket to my friend? 

Tickets are not transferable. If you are unable to attend the trunk show, please email us so that we may cancel your ticket. 

You are having both a Saturday and Sunday event for the trunk show in my city. Which one should I go to? Will there be different wraps at each event? Should I buy tickets for both events? 

If we are holding two events in your city, please be assured that one event will not be better than the other event. We will do our best to ensure that there is an equal amount of wraps at each event. We will not favor one event over another.  

You are welcome to buy tickets to both events. 

May I stop by early to help with setup? 

We really appreciate all the offers of help. It is incredibly thoughtful and so generous and we are deeply appreciative. Our venues have restricted access before event start, so, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for early entry. 

How long with the trunk show last? When should I show up? 

Those who purchased VIPavotee tickets will have a designated entry time the day of the event. Those who have General Admission tickets will have a later entry, usually an hour later, on the day of the event. Trunk shows will close at a designated time. 

Will there be food? Should I eat dinner beforehand? 

There will be light refreshments and drinks. Please note that the food served will not be allergen free. If you or your children have allergies, please be aware of this and take necessary precautionary measures. 

Is the venue child proofed? 

Our venues are not child proofed, so please look after your children as you would at any other event or time. 

Will names be printed on the tickets and cross checked with I.D. for entry?

Everyone is checked against our master list at the entrance to the venue. Those not on the list will not be admitted. Sometimes our venue space is limited and we are unable to sell tickets at the door. Sometimes we might have a large space and will be able to sell tickets at the door. We will let everyone know if we can accommodate at the door sales of tickets. 

I bought a ticket and ending up not being able to attend. What do I do? 

Please send us an email at so we can assist you with your refund. 

I am so stressed out about this. I am flying from far away to attend a trunk show. What if tickets sell out? 

This should be fun, so please don't stress. If you are flying in to attend the trunk show and you somehow did not manage to purchase a ticket or bought a ticket and have concerns, please contact us at so we may help you. Please allow us time to process your request; it might take up to 3-5 business days to work out your specific situation. 

I saw that Pavo is coming to my city! I am so excited. Is there anything our local babywearing group can do to help out? 

If we are coming to your city and would like your babywearing group to help out, have your group's leaders email us at 




Lobsters: A Love Story

“So, have you guys ever considered using wool, silk, hemp, more linen, angora, cashmere, mohair, Tencel® (rayon), milk fiber (rayon), bamboo (rayon), soy (rayon)?"

This is perhaps the one question we are asked on an almost daily basis and the answer to it is well, yes, we have considered and tested all of those fibers and then some. 

However, we have been having a long and torrid love affair with cotton. We love cotton. We know cotton.  We consider our innovative weave structures developed by Bethanne at The Oriole Mill sophisticated, surprising, and complex.  We enjoy changing the wrapping properties of a textile based on the manipulation of weave structure and density; we consider this a challenging test when done consistently in cotton.

Although we love cotton, we also have a great interest in other fibers. Our due diligence is fairly involved and lengthy and if a fiber passes that stage, it moves into research and development, which is also a long stage. We tend to take our time and mull things over and although there is a constant push in fashion to push the edge and stay relevant, we prefer to be slow and deliberate when it comes to decisions concerning our children. We want to know where our fibers are sourced, we want to know their history, we want them to offer unique and relevant wearing qualities, we want them to croon to us songs of their youth. We want our fibers to seduce us.  We want to stay as natural as possible. We want our customer to be able to trust that when she selects a Pavo to wrap the most precious thing on Earth, she knows it is safe both in integrity and design. 

We have been looking at various woolens for the past two years and nothing was quite right; it either wasn’t strong enough to hold together well during the weaving process, wasn’t soft enough, or we were not able to fully follow the supply chain to our liking. The process was slow and frustrating, but we persevered and finally found wool that met our requirements. An order went in and I left Erin to do her magic. And this happened: 

There is so much I could say about Lobsters, but really he needs no introduction. I mean, look! 

But I suppose a little context might be of use. Lobsters came into creation around the same time as Ama, Aquaria and Sea Star. Every design has its place within a larger story and while Aquaria and Sea Star are lovely companions to Ama, the family was not yet complete. Enter Lobster. 

Go big or go home, right? We wanted lobsters on our wrap. A fitting and proud nod to Pavo East. We needed to go big because if we did not, what really was the point? Lobsters needed to be the perfect funky, weird foil to our beloved Ama. Lobster went through a number of iterations (including a sad shrimpish phase) and he was finally ready for the loom at the same time as our red wool. What better combination than Lobsters and red wool? Right? It is the perfect pairing. As Erin mentioned, "Nothing says winter in New England like red wooly lobsters." 

We spend so much time with our wraps, it is second nature for them to take on their own personalities and their own stories. They function within their own space.  Whenever I see Ama and her crew, I see a band of crazy, loud beatniks on the cusp of great change. I see a group of friends driving from Greenwich Village to as far west as they are able to go and finally coming to rest in North Beach, thousands of miles from home, but still right where they want to be. For me, Lobsters is that group's Kerouac. Wild-eyed, full of crazy movement and space, bristly, edgy, and absolutely perfect. Yep, Lobsters is definitely that.