The Sunshine State

Erin and I are both so excited that our first trunk show of the year will be in Florida! What could be better than the warm sun, sand between our toes and meeting our lovely, Florida Pavotees? We know everyone has questions, so here we go!

When and where will the Florida trunk show be held?

Don CeSar 3400 Gulf Blvd St. Petersburg Beach, Florida 

20 February 2016

2 to 5:00 o'clock

VIP entry will be at 2:00

General Admission will be at 3:00



Confetti Sunshine State, Pavo Presents Florida VIPavotee wrap  

Confetti Sunshine State, Pavo Presents Florida VIPavotee wrap 

Guild offerings, Pavo Presents Florida

Guild offerings, Pavo Presents Florida

When and where will tickets be available? 

Tickets will be listed on January 22 at noon EST from our website.  

Will tickets be transferable? 

No. Please email us to cancel your ticket if you cannot attend the event. 

May I purchase more than one VIP ticket if stalking for myself and a friend?

If you are stalking for a friend, you will need to put your friend's name and email address on the ticket during checkout. 

I need to cancel my ticket at the last minute. What do I do?

Please email us at so that we may refund your ticket. 

Will names be printed on the tickets and cross checked with I.D. for entry?

It's all in the details, Pavo Presents Florida

It's all in the details, Pavo Presents Florida

Everyone is checked against our master list at the entrance to the venue. Those not on the list will not be admitted. We might have tickets available for purchase at the door, but they are not guaranteed. We will let everyone know ahead of time if tickets will be available at the door.

What time will the event start? 

For those with VIP tickets, the event will open at 2:00 o'clock

For those with General Admission tickets, the event will open at 3:00 o'clock

Will there be an after party/evening of celebration?

If Pavotees would like to have an after party / evening of celebration, they are welcome to do so! Unfortunately, we may be unable to attend as we are obligated to close out the event, take care of inventory, accounting and other routine chores, but we do our best to make time for our Pavotees after the event. 

Will I need to stalk for tickets? Will they sell out? 

Unfortunately, we do not know the answer to this question. Our tickets for Pavo Presents Texas did not sell out, but our tickets for Pavo Presents Seattle sold out quite quickly, which was quite unexpected. 

What will be the exclusive VIP wrap for the Pavo Presents Florida? 

We thought it fitting that the Confetti Sunshine be the VIP wrap for the Sunshine state. 

What other wraps will be available? 

We will see the return of classic Form in beachy colorways for Florida as well as some lovely Guilds. 


Is the space baby proofed/ mobile baby safe?

No. Please be aware of your children and keep a close eye on them at all times as you would do in any public space.  Please note that the trunk show will be held within walking distance of the beach. 

Should we bring snacks?  

The event will be catered by the lovely staff at the Don CeSar.  Please note that neither the food nor the space are allergen-free. 

Does your wrappee have to be worn or can they come on the loose?

The ticket price allows entry for the purchaser of the ticket and one wrappee, three years old and younger. You can either wear your wrappee or your child may be mobile. Please be aware of your child's location at all times. The venue at the Don CeSar is not child proofed and cannot be fully childproofed in any reasonable manner.  There are bodies of water in close proximity to the venue.

Any child over three years of age will need a general admissions ticket for the trunk show. 

I would like to bring my husband, wife, grandmother, aunt, friend. Will they need a ticket? 

Yes. Any additional guests you bring will need their own ticket. 

I bought a VIP ticket and I bought my husband a General Admission ticket. How will that work? 

If you bought a VIP ticket, you will enter the event at 2:00. If you brought a guest who has a General Admission ticket, she will enter the event at 3:00. 

Will I have to pay sales tax?  

Yes. We are required to charge sales tax on all purchases made at Pavo Presents Florida. Florida sales tax is 6%. 

I am flying from out of state to attend the trunk show. I’m worried that tickets will sell out. What do I do? 

If you are flying in from out of state and tickets are sold out, please contact us at so that we can help you out. 

I’m nervous about attending the trunk show. What can I expect? 

Historically, trunk shows have been small intimate events that allow a designer to meet and talk with their customers. Our last trunk show was a bit larger, but Erin and I work very hard to make sure that they still retain the intimate feel. There will be food and drink, mingling, most likely waiting in line to purchase wraps (we implemented a new system at the holiday party such that people would not have to wait in line, but would still have the opportunity to buy the wraps they wanted, but found people still wanted to wait in line which was quite social all the same), a lovely beach view and many fellow Pavotees who can geek out with you about babywearing and Pavo. We look forward to meeting everyone! 













Pavo Presents FAQ

What is Pavo Presents? 

Pavo Presents is a series of trunk shows where Pavo travels to cities across the United States to meet with Pavotees. 

What exactly is a Pavo Trunk Show? 

A trunk show is a small intimate event designed to share special offerings with our customers. It is a chance for the Pavotees and the Pavo Team to meet and be merry. There will be wraps, accessories, accoutrements and other goodies that will only be available at that specific trunk show. 

How do I find about Pavo Presents? 

Head on over to Pavo Presents.

We have the dates and locations of our upcoming trunk shows on the above events page. In addition, we do try to send out emails informing our customers of upcoming trunk shows in their state, we post updates on the Pavo Textiles Facebook page, and we post information about upcoming trunk shows here, on our blog. 

You can also join Pavo Customer Appreciation and The Pavo Society for more details. 

Do I need a ticket or reservation to attend Pavo Presents? 

Yes! We have two types of tickets available: 

VIP Tickets
General Admission tickets.

What are VIP and GA tickets and do I need to buy one to attend? 

You must buy a ticket to attend. We need to have an accurate number of who will be attending the trunk show so we can plan accordingly. 

VIP tickets are limited in quantity and allow the purchaser early entry into the trunk show. The VIP ticket also includes a special VIP wrap and a VIP Schwag bag, which includes Pavo goodies and treats. 

General Admission tickets allow the purchaser access to the trunk show at the designated time.

All ticket holders are entered into a drawing for a select wrap and accoutrements give away. 

How do I buy tickets? 

Tickets will go on sale at a predesignated time on a predesignated date from

How much will tickets cost? 

VIP tickets will range in price from $240-$380. You will buy your VIP ticket according to which size wrap you would like and which trunk show you plan to attend. Please choose carefully. 

General Admission tickets will generally cost $40, but could cost up to $80. We will work hard to keep general admission tickets at $40. 

Do I need to stalk for a ticket? 

Honestly, we just don't know. Some cities sell out and others do not. We really do not have a good way of telling which cities will sell out and which will not. 

Does each trunk show have an exclusive wrap? 

Yes! VIPavotee tickets for each trunk show will come with a VIP wrap that is only available to those who buy the VIPavotee ticket. At each trunk show, we will have a carefully curated collection of wraps that will be available to trunk show attendees

I would like to bring my husband, partner, mother, sister, child. Do I need to a ticket for them? 

One ticket is good for one adult and one wrapee, three years of age or younger. You will need to buy an additional ticket for anyone else who plans to attend with you. We must do this to ensure that we are in compliance with fire code and occupancy limits. 

I want to buy a VIP ticket, but I will not be attending the trunk show. Can you ship the VIP wrap to me?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate this request. The VIP tickets and trunk show wraps are intended for the trunk show attendees.  

I am worried I will not be able to get a ticket and am having a friend stalk for me. What happens if we both buy a ticket? 

The extra tickets will be refunded upon request and relisted so that others may attend. 

I will not be online to buy my ticket and I am having a friend stalk for me. Will she able to transfer the ticket to me? 

Technically, tickets are not transferable; however, if you are having a friend stalk for you, please have her input your name when checking out. 

I am buying a General Admission ticket. Will I be able to buy the VIP wrap? 

No. The VIP wraps will only be available to those who buy VIP tickets. Don’t worry though! We will have a specially curated collection of wraps available for those who attend the trunk shows. 

What form of payment will Pavo take at the trunk show? 

Credit card and cash. No personal checks, please. 

Will the amount of wraps people buy be limited?

No. The number of wraps a person purchases will not be limited. 

I have a General Admission ticket and am worried that no wraps will be available for purchase since VIPs will have early entry. 

There will be wraps available to purchase for those with General Admission tickets. 

I am buying a VIP ticket, but will be bringing my partner, husband, mother, brother, etc? Do they need a VIP ticket too? 

They will need a VIP ticket in order to enter the event at the same time as you. You could buy them a General Admission ticket, but they will enter one hour after you.

I am buying a ticket for your trunk show in City A, but will not be able to attend. Can I use my ticket to attend your trunk show in City B? 

Unfortunately, tickets are not transferable between trunk shows or people. If you cannot attend the trunk show for which you have a ticket, please email us at so that we may refund your ticket and make it available to another Pavotee.  

I bought a ticket and am now unable to go. May I transfer the ticket to my friend? 

Tickets are not transferable. If you are unable to attend the trunk show, please email us so that we may cancel your ticket. 

You are having both a Saturday and Sunday event for the trunk show in my city. Which one should I go to? Will there be different wraps at each event? Should I buy tickets for both events? 

If we are holding two events in your city, please be assured that one event will not be better than the other event. We will do our best to ensure that there is an equal amount of wraps at each event. We will not favor one event over another.  

You are welcome to buy tickets to both events. 

May I stop by early to help with setup? 

We really appreciate all the offers of help. It is incredibly thoughtful and so generous and we are deeply appreciative. Our venues have restricted access before event start, so, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for early entry. 

How long with the trunk show last? When should I show up? 

Those who purchased VIPavotee tickets will have a designated entry time the day of the event. Those who have General Admission tickets will have a later entry, usually an hour later, on the day of the event. Trunk shows will close at a designated time. 

Will there be food? Should I eat dinner beforehand? 

There will be light refreshments and drinks. Please note that the food served will not be allergen free. If you or your children have allergies, please be aware of this and take necessary precautionary measures. 

Is the venue child proofed? 

Our venues are not child proofed, so please look after your children as you would at any other event or time. 

Will names be printed on the tickets and cross checked with I.D. for entry?

Everyone is checked against our master list at the entrance to the venue. Those not on the list will not be admitted. Sometimes our venue space is limited and we are unable to sell tickets at the door. Sometimes we might have a large space and will be able to sell tickets at the door. We will let everyone know if we can accommodate at the door sales of tickets. 

I bought a ticket and ending up not being able to attend. What do I do? 

Please send us an email at so we can assist you with your refund. 

I am so stressed out about this. I am flying from far away to attend a trunk show. What if tickets sell out? 

This should be fun, so please don't stress. If you are flying in to attend the trunk show and you somehow did not manage to purchase a ticket or bought a ticket and have concerns, please contact us at so we may help you. Please allow us time to process your request; it might take up to 3-5 business days to work out your specific situation. 

I saw that Pavo is coming to my city! I am so excited. Is there anything our local babywearing group can do to help out? 

If we are coming to your city and would like your babywearing group to help out, have your group's leaders email us at 





We are headed out to Texas tomorrow and are so excited to meet with our Texan Pavotees during International Babywearing week!  

 The trunk shows are shaping up to be two wonderful events.

San Antonio is going to be intimate and cozy: champagne, cheeses, chocolates and warm comfy sofas. It will give us a chance to sit down and talk with our San Antonio Pavotees, sort of like a girls night out. There will be time discuss development and future projects with attendees. We both love these types of events because it really give us a chance to connect with Pavotees.

Due to the enormous response to the Austin event, we have had to reserve an additional room in order to accommodate the number attendees. We will have light fare and drinks while we mingle and chat with Pavotees. We are looking forward to seeing new faces and visiting with old friends. 

Would you like to join in on the fun? Grab your ticket here.

We have wraps that will only be available to San Antonio and Austin attendees, VIPavotee mugs, and great company! 

Gotham Charm

Gotham Charm

Fable Wild Blueberry

Fable Wild Blueberry

Otomí Trinity

Otomí Trinity

Unicornio Fondant

Unicornio Fondant

Fable Bay

Fable Bay

Pavo 'Scrip

There is a lot of hustle and bustle at the Toy Store as we head into autumn and say goodbye to perhaps one of the most beautiful summers ever. The #summerof[spending]money has come to an end and we are both settling back into work on our respective coasts. So what do we have in plan for the rest of the 2015? 

We’re headed out to San Antonio, Austin and Seattle for the start of an amazing trunk show tour, Pavo Presents, which gives us the opportunity to hang out with our amazing fans. 

We have our annual fall trip to the Oriole Mill coming up next week. 

We will be shipping out the second TPS exclusive, Penumbra Veronica, by the end of the month.

We are in the planning stages for our first Pavo Holiday Party at the Toy Store. 

We are burning the midnight oil planning for the New York Baby Show and the International Babywearing Conference 2016.

We finalized dates for another #summerofmoney in 2016.

And of course, the reason for this post:  The debut of the Pavo Guild Subscription Box, which we have affectionately dubbed Pavo 'Scrip in house. 

What exactly is the Pavo Guild Subscription Box and why exactly are we doing it?

A number of people have asked if we could do some sort of subscription service; we tabled the idea right from the start. Too much work and too many unknowns. Which wraps would we offer? How would logistics work? Would people even be interested? But we kept being asked about the possibility of a Pavo Subscription Service  and while we were hesitant, the idea came up again during one of our work lunches this summer and the question was asked, well why not? Why not work out the details? Why not make a plan? Why not work out logistics? If we couldn’t make it work, well then, at least we could say that we tried. And well there you go, we figured out how to make it work, so we are quite pleased to be offering a Pavo Guild Subscription Box. 

So on to the all details.

What wraps will be included in the Autumn 2015 subscription service? 

Otomí Veronica*

Middle Chair Noir 

Etini Persimmon 

These wraps will be exclusive to the Pavo Guild Subscription and will not listed online independently of the 'Script. 

How do you become a subscriber? 

Pavo Guild Subscription will be available on October 1, 2015 at 14:00 EDT. 

We will have a limited number of subscriptions available. We would love to be able to offer an unlimited number of subscriptions, but we need to be practical and take into account the time needed for weaving and finishing. We want to be able to insure that each subscriber's wraps will be filled and shipped on the designated date  

Subscriptions will be available in three month commitments and payment will be made in full when committing to the initial  purchase of the three month Pavo Guild Subscription.

Subscriptions will be based on size and priced accordingly:

Size 3: $630

Size 4: $680

Size 5: $760

Size 6: $820

Size 7: $890

Please note that the prices stated above are subject to change and do not include relevant state tax, customs fees and associated shipping and handling costs.

Wraps will ship on the following dates:

Otomí Veronica: 1 October 2015 

Middle Chair Noir: 5 November 2015

Etini Persimmon: 3 December 2015

We are currently working on the 'Scrip box for Winter 2016 and details will be available in the late December 2015. 

What would you like to see in forthcoming Pavo Guild 'Scrip box?




*Our usual full proceed donation will be sent to IDEX on receipts based on Otomí Veronica

The Heart in Kith & Kin

Paper dolls are about family. They invoke not only our immediate family, but also our chosen family of babywearers in this vast passionate community of critical thinking people.  Kith & Kin evolved, as so many of our projects do, out of a craft started with our children. We cut snowflakes, fold origami, and rediscover connecting families in paper.  As we played, I remembered one of my oldest and most valued friends, Cynthia Director, and her textile design degree project honoring our often painful childhoods as little girls. Her work was about being two dimensional, about love, about solitude, and about holding someone's hand.  She strung long lengths of dolls together; she made lonely girls waiting for dresses with their folded paper flaps; she made sense of growing up.

Paper dolls come from an innocent place, I think for a lot of us they conjure up memories of the past. Kith & Kin celebrates our present, where we are now with our families, babywearing, undefined, all holding hands through our journey together.  

The paper doll pattern is one directional to help aid in the learning of new carries, or just to assist with old favorites.

Kith and Kin will debut during national Heart Month in February of 2015. All proceeds from the sale of Kith & Kin will be donated to The Children's Heart Foundation.  


paper dolls-1-2.jpg

A Love Story: Klee

Where do we start with Klee? 

Klee has been with us from the very beginning. It was one of the first swatches we looked at and pondered when we visited The Oriole Mill for the first time after explaining to Bethanne what we were interesting in developing with Oriole for Pavo. I can remember rubbing the fabric between my fingers and interrupting Erin's conversation with Bethanne to remark on how unique the fiber felt. Erin, who is always patient when it comes to explaining the intracies of  fiber to me, stopped her conversation and took the sample from my hands and pondered it for a fair amount of time. Too heavy. Not the right type of rainbow. Too much time to develop. Too expensive.  And I knew she was right. Of course, we went on to release Parterre, but that's a whole different story.  I look back on that conversation and laugh now. She should have just said no. I had wasted the previous hour drooling over a wall of sparkly, glittery lurex threads and fibers and Erin explained to me why Lurex was not an option over and over again, we had vowed to stay with natural fibers no matter how sexy synthetic temptation can be.  In hindsight, I can laugh over this memory. At the time, I was devastated that glitter would not be a staple fiber in the Pavo library. Actually, I wasn't all that sad. We had already committed to natural fibers, but there's something about glittery sparkles that makes the 7 year old in me giddy with delight.  Maybe I will convince her yet.  

Bethanne Knudson, designer of Klee and owner of The Oriole Mill, shows off her creation for the Pavo gals.

Bethanne Knudson, designer of Klee and owner of The Oriole Mill, shows off her creation for the Pavo gals.

But back to the story: Klee fell to the cutting room floor, metaphorically speaking.  And it stayed there for quite some time. Over a year after we first saw the Klee sample, it resurfaced. Erin suggested that perhaps we should revisit it because, well, it had grown on her. This is classic Pavo: One of us falls in love with a sample and the other person is typically not excited about it. Then the dance begins. We go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth until we finally hit upon a consensus. And so it was with Klee. But then the samples arrived and we were both on the fence, but neither one of us wanted to give Klee the proverbial axe, so we sent the samples out to various testers with no expectations or desires. 

When the positive reviews came in, we were a bit taken aback. Klee was too thick, too dense, and yet people seemed to be so smitten with the girl.  Despite the positive response, it went back to the cutting room floor because ultimately it was too cost prohibitive to produce. And there it sat for a couple of months while Erin and I did the dance. Back and forth. Back and forth. Should we take the risk? Will it be too expensive? Will it be to thick? What if it's better than we think? Will we regret taking the risk?  It's such a familiar and comforting routine—I often think we do this because it just feels so fulfilling and perfect. It never gets old. 

Of course, you all well know the end of this story. We decided to run Klee. We both cringed at the cost of running it, we both have stayed up nights second guessing our decision to run Klee, we have texted furiously at 3 am reassuring each other this was the right thing to do. It is fitting that Klee will be our anniversary wrap. Everything about Klee represents Pavo; it's not just the aesthetics or the attention to fiber and weave structure, but the interplay between color and fiber captures the harmony and dialogue that are the foundation of Pavo. Klee is the Pavo Dance embodied.