When I was preparing to move to Essex, I bemoaned the fact that I would have to rent a car for the entirety of the summer. Erin laughed and told me there was no reason to rent a car. I immediately panicked. I am born and bred in Southern California, the epicenter of freeway culture. What would I do without a car? How would I do anything?  But, I trusted her wisdom and did not rent a car. This would turn out to be one of the greatest decisions ever. 

The apartment I had rented in Essex was a little over a mile away from the Studio on Western and though the mornings still had a bit of a chill to them, I would head down Southern Ave to the causeway (past the Toy Store, which would soon be Pavo's new home) and then jog over to Western Ave and to the Studio. There was a rhythm to those morning walks and although I always took the same route, I never became bored; it was always different: the salt marsh looking as if it were getting ready to burst with high tide, the cormorants sitting on the edge of the marsh, waiting to pick off small fish as the tide went out; the chefs at C.K Pearl putting meat in the smoker at the back of the restaurant; the workers at Woodman's bringing in fresh lobster and haddock; the large moving van dropping off antiques in front of Bider's Antique Store. All these things were new to me. I love Southern California. I was born here and raised here. It is large, sprawling, and to a certain extent, anonymous. I love this about where I live. But there in Essex, life functioned on a smaller and more intimate scale. It was absolute love at first sight. 

The walks back and forth between the Studio and my apartment soon turned into early morning jogs and long evening walks. I feel in love with Apple Street and found that I could make a complete loop from my apartment to the Studio by cutting through to Southern Ave via Apple Street from Western Ave. I did this five mile loop in the morning and if I was able to leave Western Ave before dark, I did it at the end of the day (too much convivial conversation after a wonderful dinner cooked by Stevil often meant that didn't happen). 

At some point during the summer, I told Erin that I intended to run an ultra marathon. I think I said this while stuffing a lobster roll in my face and imbibing my third martini. I might have been drunk. No, I was definitely buzzed, but the seed had been planted. She didn't tell me that it was a bad idea. She didn't tell me that I was setting myself up for failure. She didn't tell me I needed to lose fifty pounds. She didn't tell me that there was a chance I wouldn't make my goal. She simply nodded and said: "I will do it with you." 

Somewhere along the way, we revised our immediate goal to a marathon and by immediate, I mean we gave ourselves a year to train for a marathon. We really focused in on training about three weeks ago. It hasn't been easy, but we are doing it with the hopes of completing the Asheville Half Marathon on Saturday, March 12 2016. 

I have always hated running. It was boring and dull. Just pounding the pavement one foot after the other, but this past summer has changed that. Now that most of our waking hours are filled with Pavo, it's good to have that quiet time to reflect and be at peace. 

With that being said, is anyone interested in joining us as we train?

 Head on over to the Nike Running App and look us up (runmunsrun and Erin A.)  I will be staring a new #runpavo challenge on Monday, October 12. Nothing hard or over the top. It will just something to keep us all moving and working toward a goal, whatever that may be. 



Pavo 'Scrip

There is a lot of hustle and bustle at the Toy Store as we head into autumn and say goodbye to perhaps one of the most beautiful summers ever. The #summerof[spending]money has come to an end and we are both settling back into work on our respective coasts. So what do we have in plan for the rest of the 2015? 

We’re headed out to San Antonio, Austin and Seattle for the start of an amazing trunk show tour, Pavo Presents, which gives us the opportunity to hang out with our amazing fans. 

We have our annual fall trip to the Oriole Mill coming up next week. 

We will be shipping out the second TPS exclusive, Penumbra Veronica, by the end of the month.

We are in the planning stages for our first Pavo Holiday Party at the Toy Store. 

We are burning the midnight oil planning for the New York Baby Show and the International Babywearing Conference 2016.

We finalized dates for another #summerofmoney in 2016.

And of course, the reason for this post:  The debut of the Pavo Guild Subscription Box, which we have affectionately dubbed Pavo 'Scrip in house. 

What exactly is the Pavo Guild Subscription Box and why exactly are we doing it?

A number of people have asked if we could do some sort of subscription service; we tabled the idea right from the start. Too much work and too many unknowns. Which wraps would we offer? How would logistics work? Would people even be interested? But we kept being asked about the possibility of a Pavo Subscription Service  and while we were hesitant, the idea came up again during one of our work lunches this summer and the question was asked, well why not? Why not work out the details? Why not make a plan? Why not work out logistics? If we couldn’t make it work, well then, at least we could say that we tried. And well there you go, we figured out how to make it work, so we are quite pleased to be offering a Pavo Guild Subscription Box. 

So on to the all details.

What wraps will be included in the Autumn 2015 subscription service? 

Otomí Veronica*

Middle Chair Noir 

Etini Persimmon 

These wraps will be exclusive to the Pavo Guild Subscription and will not listed online independently of the 'Script. 

How do you become a subscriber? 

Pavo Guild Subscription will be available on October 1, 2015 at 14:00 EDT. 

We will have a limited number of subscriptions available. We would love to be able to offer an unlimited number of subscriptions, but we need to be practical and take into account the time needed for weaving and finishing. We want to be able to insure that each subscriber's wraps will be filled and shipped on the designated date  

Subscriptions will be available in three month commitments and payment will be made in full when committing to the initial  purchase of the three month Pavo Guild Subscription.

Subscriptions will be based on size and priced accordingly:

Size 3: $630

Size 4: $680

Size 5: $760

Size 6: $820

Size 7: $890

Please note that the prices stated above are subject to change and do not include relevant state tax, customs fees and associated shipping and handling costs.

Wraps will ship on the following dates:

Otomí Veronica: 1 October 2015 

Middle Chair Noir: 5 November 2015

Etini Persimmon: 3 December 2015

We are currently working on the 'Scrip box for Winter 2016 and details will be available in the late December 2015. 

What would you like to see in forthcoming Pavo Guild 'Scrip box?




*Our usual full proceed donation will be sent to IDEX on receipts based on Otomí Veronica

Form and Substance

Authentic, simple, elegant, luxurious.

These are the principles that inform the Pavo aesthetic. Working with several different mills and designers over the last year we have seen our concepts evolve and divide.  While all are true to the spirit of Pavo Textiles, we saw a need to introduce a new narrative; one that will live alongside our original artisanal line.

We wanted to offer wraps that would be playful and fun: the type of wrap you take to an afternoon at the beach or on a relaxed early evening walk to the park. We wanted these wraps to be the ones that your littles reached for first when making a wrap fort or for swinging in a hammock.  We wanted them to be reliable, lighthearted, classic, and effortless. A storyline to encourage spontaneity in your routine. 

The colours of love

The colours of love

With our carefully coloured stripes and fanciful hearts,  we have put together the beginning of a collection that will define our new line: Pavo Form. Woven with natural fibers, a brighter palette, and conversational motifs, the textiles in this collection have a more casual look and feel, with the same craftsmanship you have grown to expect from us.  Pavo Form is a relaxed and playful Pavo. It is the perfect exemplification of the form and substance that drive Pavo Textiles.  

And, as always, made in the United States.  

Pavo Form will complement Pavo Textile's artisanal line, the soon to be re-branded Pavo Guild, and will be making its debut near the end of August 2013

Stripes in Form

Stripes in Form

Inspired by Otomi

Inspired by Otomi

Natural Otomi samples

And Otomi Unicornio in work. Shhhhh . . .

And Otomi Unicornio in work. Shhhhh . . .

In the middle

Our charming middle markers have arrived for approval, the next step is to send them out to the mill to be added to the wraps.  Little things like this cement our identity and allow us to see the big picture with more clarity.  I hold one between my fingers like a good luck charm.

We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows.
— Robert Frost
Pavo Middle Markers

Pavo Middle Markers