Canoodling with the California Collection: Acanthus Veronica

I find myself missing the days of receiving a new wrap and going through the ritual of taking it out of its packaging, noting the feel in hand, doing a quick wrap job (the horror!) and then tossing it in the washing machine, ironing it just so (yes—I love ironing) and then putting it through its paces. 

But as I sit here with the samples from our California collection, I feel the old pull of my routine calling to me. So here we go: Notes from an Aged Wrapper. 

Design Name: Acanthus

Colorway: Veronica

Fiber: 100% Extra Long Staple Egyptian cotton

Weight: 320 G/M^2. This wrap is densely woven and thick with Bethanne Knudson's (of the Oriole Mill) unique contour binding. There is a cushiness on the shoulders that feels quite lovely; wrapping my five year old and carrying him for any length of time is a workout, but Acanthus Veronica made my shoulders and lower back incredibly happy! 

Similar hand feel brand new: Sparkleberry, Trillium, Parterre. 

Similar hand feel after wash: Mostly Sparkleberry to me. 

Fiber Memory: Excellent stretch along the bias, lending to a definite feel of modabililty when pulling a chest pass tight. 

Drape: Medium. This is a thicker wrap. I suspect the more it breaks in, the softer it will become. Acanthus Veronica is not a hard wrap to break in, but it requires a bit of patience. 

Touch: Acanthus Veronica is smooth on the warp dominant side and is more textured on the fill side, offering different wrapping experiences. 

Now to try and convince my five year old to go up again! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Berkeley this weekend :)


Subscription Box Spring 2016

We hit upon the the final wraps for the Spring 2016 ‘Script Box while out on a run. It was November and sunrise was early enough that we could still hit the asphalt and enjoy a run before we headed into 166. It was on our way back that we finally reached consensus the perfect wraps for the box. I remember it so well because we had just passed the Peace Barn after our longest run to date (ten miles!). I was tired and had a leg cramp. Erinea was advocating hard for Phases of the Moon, going on an on about our cycles and the tides, and I just wanted to take a shower and head into work. I realized I was being ridiculous about Phases of the Moon. Why not do it? Why not take the risk? Why was I fighting so hard against it?  And we both said Sparkleberry at the exact same time. Magic, I tell you! 

We had planned to release the first wrap for the Spring Subscription box in the first week of January 2016 and had planned to call it the Winter 2016. Obviously, that didn’t happen because we could not decide which wraps would be part of the subscription box. We went back and forth over this for weeks with no resolution. 

Erinea wanted to have Phases of the Moon (alpaca/silk blend) in the box, but I was reluctant to make it part of the subscription service. I wanted an alpaca Love Birds, but Erinea nixed that idea as we had not done any sampling and had no idea how the alpaca would perform in Love Birds. 

Did we want to do an all wool or alpaca subscription box? Would it be too cost prohibitive? What about those wrappers who did not do well with wool or did not care for wool? Should we run concurrent subscription boxes? One that was all wool and another that was cotton?  We do cotton so well; we both agreed that the subscription box should have at least one cotton wrap and while we were in agreement about this, we could not agree on a wrap. 

So without further ado, we would like to introduce the Winter 2016 Subscription Box.

Phases of the Moon Sea Smoke (67% cotton, 26% Alpaca, 7% Silk)

Miel Indigo (88% Cotton/12% Wool)

Sparkleberry Noir (100% Cotton)

Now on to the more mundane details:

These wraps will be exclusive to the Pavo Guild Subscription and will not listed online independently of the 'Script. 

How do you become a subscriber? 

Pavo Guild Subscription Box will be available on March 2, 2016 at 14:00 EST 

We will have a limited number of subscriptions available. 

Subscriptions will be available in three month commitments and payment will be made in full when committing to the initial  purchase of the three month Pavo Guild Subscription.

Please note that we cannot change shipping addresses and all wraps will ship to the designated shipping address on the order.  We will under no circumstances split the 'script box to multiple addresses.

Subscriptions will be based on size and priced accordingly:

Size 3: $960

Size 4: $1020

Size 5: $1080

Size 6: $1140

Size 7: $1200

Please note that the prices stated above are subject to change and do not include relevant state tax, customs fees, and associated shipping and handling costs.

Wraps will ship on or around the following dates:

Miel Indigo: 3 March, 2016 

Phases of the Moon Sea Smoke: 4 April, 2016

Sparkleberry Noir: 2 May, 2016