Unicornio Otomi

Winter has just begun, but we are busy with spring and summer here in the studio.

Bright colors, playful motifs, and a dash of sunshine!

We are excited to present our new website which will be exclusively Pavo Form and will debut with the launch of Unicornio, our personalized Otomi inspired pattern, in March

Penumbra Syzygy

A penumbra is a partial shadow. During an eclipse, the penumbra is the area between full shadow and full illumination. It is the in-between area where light and dark meet and shadows come out to play. The whimsical looping of black and white in Penumbra Shadow reminds us that nothing can ever truly be seen in black and white; there is always a little grey area in between.

Penumbra was born from one of Pavo Textile's first samples, Procresco.  Developed by our artisan mill, it is a playful energetic design woven from all local materials. It is considered fiber forward, a designation reserved for textiles sourced, woven, and finished in the United States.

After Shadow and Lunar we are channeling the '80s again with Penumbra and a hot pink fill we call Syzygy, we think it is really fun and happy.  Bright lights big city and all that (actually, that was really depressing). Everything aligned and Syzygy was born. 100% cotton 280g/m2.