Effets de Soir

Effets de Soir

While painting en plein air focused on capturing the play of light and shadow during the daylight hours, many artists gravitated toward capturing their subjects during the early evening hours when lingering shadows transformed the landscape into a vastly different world populated with purples, blues, blacks, and greys. Aptly named Effet de Soir, this technique notably used by Van Gogh to create the enchanting whorled night sky in The Night Café and The Starry Night. Our new collection at Pavo is a study in chromatics and the balance of shadow and light.


Pavo Stripes

When we first started exploring options for Guild stripes, we wanted them to be clean, simple, and reminiscent of all things summer: salt water taffy, warm nights when the sun sets into fireflies, and long lazy days at the beach where the salty ocean water and gentle sea breezes turn your body into a languid pool on the sand. Our newest addition to Effects de Soir, Perigee, pushes the edge a bit more than the standard stripes. When the moon is at perigee, it is at its closest point to the earth in its orbit and, as a result, a perigee moon appears bright, bold and luminous in the night sky. It speaks of grand adventures, high tides and unfurled sails. These are the stripes to take on your summer adventures, in glorious luxury meant to withstand sun and sand.  


Pavo Textures

Charcoal on gesso, ideas half formed, inspiration strikes . . . 

Penumbra 100% cotton

A penumbra is a partial shadow. During an eclipse, the penumbra is the area between full shadow and full illumination. It is the in-between area where light and dark meet and shadows come out to play. The whimsical looping of black and white in Penumbra Shadow reminds us that nothing can ever truly be seen in black and white; there is always a little grey area in between.