En Plein Air

En Plein Air


En plein air refers to the practice of painting outdoors. Although artists have always enjoyed sketching or painting outdoors, formal still lifes and landscapes were traditionally painted indoors within the confines of the studio. However, the rise of Impression in the late Eighteenth Century radically altered the way artists understood and created their art. The idea of venturing forth into Nature to capture the movement of light and shadow on the landscape ran counter to tradition and was considered rather revolutionary at the time.

Our first story at Pavo Textiles, En Plein Air, is an exercise in playing with the subtleties of dark and light motifs. It is a study in how shadows and sunlight dance their way across the natural landscape and texture of woven fibers. It also reminds us to venture forth and enjoy the beauty of nature with our loved ones.


Winter is a time that is most often viewed as harsh and unforgiving and there is most certainly merit to that characterization. However, we often find that some of our most beautiful creations bloom during the short, dark days of winter. Born out of a deep love for Robert Frost and our continued interest in the traditional art of paper cutting, Frost is a testament to our love of all the natural beauty that nature has to offer.



Affectionally referred to as Newterre, Farrand takes all the beauty of the original Pavo Parterre and tears down the walls, loosens up the density, and adds some Sparkleberry cush.

Farrand is named for Beatrix Farrand an American Landscape designer who worked from 1895 until her death in 1959 near Garland Farm in Maine, her home and final garden. She is known for the planning and improvement of several college campuses, the John D Rockefeller carriage roads at Acadia National Park, and the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden also on Mount Desert Island.  

With Farrand we appreciate and celebrate the contributions of women in art and society including that of designer Bethanne Knudson owner of The Oriole Mill.  



The detailed, intimate floral design that is Etini evokes the lush tropical florals found in the post-Impressionist work of Gauguin. Although influenced by the Impressionists' use of negative space and the interplay of light, Gauguin stretched Impressionism beyond its boundaries, engaging the viewer to reconsider how line and colour came together to create space and form. Etini is nature re-imagined. It is the raw beauty of Gauguin's tropics brought to life through the intricacies of weaving. 



The release of Sparkleberry marks the anniversary of one of the first wraps we considered a possibility among our many trials and errors, Garden Nuptial . . . see blog post



We have named the first wrap in the En Plein Air series Parterre. A parterre is a formal garden where plants have been planted in precise symmetrical patterns. The large botanical repeat of Pavo’s Parterre is contained by a border which echoes the formality and symmetry of historical parterres, but with a small touch of wildness that is inherent in Nature.